Project Specifics

Sinergia seeks to meet the following objectives:

To facilitate conservation and scientific research about the reef. We provide necessary logistics and infrastructure to marine biologists, oceanographers, universities, and students. 

To create opportunities to see and value the reef. For example, through underwater art, education workshops, scuba diving certifications, media, databases, or school trips. 

To promote the integration of the community of Bocachica with reef protection, through education or employment opportunities. 



We provide a diving space and logistics right next to the Varadero reef, named one of the ocean "Hope Spots" in the world by the international NGO Mission Blue for its diversity and resistance. The Sinergia house and its equipment allow scientists to do their projects right next to the reef to carry out their research and monitoring projects more easily.

Universities and Students

We focus on Universities that have a faculty of marine biology, whether in Cartagena, the rest of Colombia or other parts of the world. Teachers and students to get to know and have access to a reef, as well as a laboratory, scientific equipment and an office to carry out experiments using Sinergia as a base for their field work. In addition, the house and its logistics can be used by marine biology students doing their thesis or research, allowing them to stay by the reef and have access to all parts of the house.

The Sinergia can be used by any type of learner, including students interested in the sea but who are not studying marine biology, in order to get to know and learn about the reef. We hope to be able to take young people from Bocachica, Cartagena and other parts to see a reef for the first time and understand the importance of conserving it.

Non-Scientific Research

The location of the Sinergia house is special due to its proximity to the reef, but also as a historical and cultural point. You can walk to the Castillo de San Luis (one of the main Spanish military forts of Cartagena in the 17th century) and other forts within 10 minutes from Sinergia.

Artists and Museums

The Sinergia house can provide the space for artists to create, meet with the local community and manage projects. In addition, we have the capacity and complete equipment to be able to sink underwater works of art and monitor them.

10 minutes by boat from Sinergia is the area that includes the Mumar Submarine Museum, submerged works of the Naval School, and submerged works of Eduardono company.

Governmental / Non-Governmental Entities

For entities interested in growing their database, making underwater maps, monitoring pollution levels or species, supervising development projects, or training people in scientific, recreational or technical diving, we offer a base in Bocachica from where you can hold meetings up to 15 people and go out to the area to do the field work.

Local community

The Sinergia house is the first and only project dedicated to Varadero reef conservation and marine education through diving located in Bocachica. We give the people of Bocachica the opportunity to learn and be involved in all types of projects that are carried out at Sinergia. In addition, we plan to hire and train people from Bocachica to give them job opportunities that focus on the conservation of their own ecosystem.

Services we Provide


The house can accommodate 12 people sleeping between hammocks and beds.


Staying at the Sinergia house is ideal for scientists, students doing their thesis, artists, or other teams looking to spend time in Bocachica and have direct and easy access to the reefs in the area.


The house has a kitchen and the ability to provide food for people or groups doing projects.

Complete Diving Equipment

Inside the Synergy house there will be 10 complete diving equipments, an air compressor and diving tanks to carry out all kinds of diving directly from the house.

Sinergia also has the availability of two boats, one for 8 people with a 40hp motor and the other for 16 people with two 90hp motors. There will always be a certified pilot, experienced with a diving operation and who stays on the boat throughout the time you are in the water.


For people who cannot reach the reef by diving, we offer a library with coral, animal and diving encyclopedias and information, an office area for trainings and meetings, coolers for species samples, and saltwater running tables with live samples of coral and animals. In addition, when possible, we offer the opportunity to see the reef, species identification classes, and opportunities to participate in coral monitoring. 


The Synergy house will have scientific materials and equipment to facilitate research on the sea and reef for scientists,. The Varadero reef is 3 minutes by boat from the house, and we have the ability to take groups to snorkel or dive in a safe and controlled manner. 

Agora for Meetings

We provide a space for project teams and the local community to hold meetings and conferences.


Despite the interest in studying and preserving Varadero and the other reefs around it, there is a lack of an establishment in the islands, especially near Varadero and other reefs, and which provides space and logistics to facilitate conservation and education projects. Such a space (equipped with areas for accommodation, office, laboratory materials, and the complete equipment for a diving operation) facilitates and promotes research, coral monitoring, underwater art, and other projects that positively impact the reef and the community.


The inclusion of island communities around Cartagena in the conservation of their own ecosystems is very rare. While Cartagenera and its sectors of tourism, industry and commercial port have brought a lot of investment and money to the city, island populations like Bocachica have received little inclusion and benefits. Having an establishment within Bocachica that brings people and entities directly to the community would increase the possibilities of inclusion and education at the local level, changing the reality of and job opportunities for the people of the town. Members of Bocachica would have direct access to the space and, with appropriate training, jobs such as coral monitoring, sampling, and project supervisors.


Currently we are in phase one and have the budget to complete the house and its basic infrastructure. 


Phase 2: Operation and offer for managers and projects.

After the construction of the house is complete and it is fully equipped, we will begin to solidify alliances and provide logistics and training to different projects that require it.

IMG_3327 (2).tif

Phase 1: Assembly and socialization

Sinergia was born from the need of the community of divers interested in science, the arts and anthropology, from the creation of a space that provides them with the necessary logistics to carry out projects both in the water and in the earth.


Phase 3: Consolidation of agreements and exicution of projects

Sinergia's alliances carry out their own projects and furthermore projects are long-term and sustainable. 

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Sinergia is located 200mts from San Fernando de Bocachica Fortress, in Sector la Playa. Tierra Bomba Island, Cartagena, Bolívar - Colombia

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