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I want to participate ...


Bring your own biology or archeology projects, or participate and get involved in other projects of your interest that are already being executed. Sinergia has the logistics and tools you lack in the community and in the water to do all your work in the field.


Sinergia is a space to create and immerse art. Art projects with the community are welcome. We like the combination of submerged art and science.


With a holistic vision we perceive how important community inclusion is. Thus, at Casa Sinergia, projects that involve the community in any field are also welcome. We believe social inclusion is the key to coastal protection.


So far 100% of Sinergia has been financed by Paraiso Dive Cartagena, a dive center. Now because of Covid-19, we need your help to finish buying the last materials. Consider helping here .



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Sinergia is located 200mts from San Fernando de Bocachica Fortress, in Sector la Playa. Tierra Bomba Island, Cartagena, Bolívar - Colombia

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