Sinergia: The Diver's House

We provide logistics and equipment to achieve "Diving with Purpose" around Cartagena - Colombia, including Bocachica, Canal del Dique, Varadero Reef, Baru, and Rosario Coral National Park

At Sinergia ("Sinergy" in English) we are dedicated to diving with purpose, and with us you will have a space and logistics for your research, education and social inclusion projects related to the reef. Our scientific and education-focused diving operation is located in Bocachica town and next to the famous Varadero Reef. The infrastructure of Sinergia allows us to offer the operation you are looking for to carry out your projects on-site. Whether you want to organize a short monitoring or data collection operation, a long thesis or marine biology research paper, an educational workshop, or create and submerge a piece of art, we will make sure to take care of every detail that you lack and give you a space to stay that is adapted for your time in and out of the water.

"One plus one make three."

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Sinergia is located 200mts from San Fernando de Bocachica Fortress, in Sector la Playa. Tierra Bomba Island, Cartagena, Bolívar - Colombia

+57 315 321 3718